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Disability Inclusion Accelerator


Our Disability Inclusion Accelerator™ provides a data-rich view of where you are in your disability inclusion journey – and an action plan to advance your efforts.

National Organization on Disability experts will analyze your Disability Employment Tracker™ responses and meet with you, in-person or virtually, for an in-depth discussion of:

  • How your company stacks up against others in the Tracker database

  • Leading practices with expert observations – informed by 35 years of experience – on where your company excels and your opportunities for improvement  

  • A customized plan with quick wins, and medium and long-term actions, tailored to your business 

  • A playbook on how to use the Accelerator to build buy-in across the organization


  • Know where your company is on the disability employment maturity curve and how you compare to the competition

  • Build executive awareness of and buy-in to boost your disability inclusion efforts

  • Insight into six key areas: Climate and Culture, Talent Sourcing, People Practices, Workplace & Technology, Strategy & Metrics, and Veterans Employment

  • Advance your inclusion agenda and enhance your brand as a disability-friendly employer

Additional services available to on-site Disability Inclusion Accelerator clients

You may be interested in just one or all of these services:

    On Day 1, the NOD team will evaluate your disability employment policies and practices to enhance the Accelerator briefing with additional findings and recommendations. Day 2 includes review of the updated briefing and Action Plan with your business leaders. A post-visit summary of key findings and next steps follows. 
    Exclusively for on-site Disability Inclusion Accelerator clients, this two-hour training incorporates findings from the Accelerator briefing and workshop into our core Disability Employment Etiquette & Awareness Training. Your leadership group will welcome the opportunity to further engage, leaving the training with a sense of ownership. 


For your Disability Inclusion Accelerator briefing, please contact us at  Haven't taken the Tracker yet?  Start now!