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Find out where your company stands with the Disability Employment Tracker™. This free and confidential assessment provides essential data to benchmark your company’s performance in disability and veterans inclusion.

Complete the brief online survey and receive a free Scorecard, benchmarking your company’s disability and veterans employment practices and performance.

Plus, completion of the Tracker is a requirement to be eligible for the NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal and the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity.

Please note the qualifying window to be eligible for the 2018 NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal™ and the 2018 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity has closed. To qualify for these public recognitions next year, complete this web form to be notified when the 2019 Disability Employment Tracker™ opens this fall

2018 Leading Disability Employer Seal


The 2018 Disability Employment Tracker™ is still open! Although the qualifying window for the Leading Disability Employer Seal and DiversityInc Top 50 has closed for 2018, you can still submit the Tracker to receive your complimentary benchmarking Scorecard. Complete this webform to gain instant access.

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Benchmarking Scorecard

Use the Tracker Scorecard to:

  • Measure your performance in six key inclusion aspects: Climate & Culture; Talent Sourcing; People Practices; Workplace & Technology; Strategy & Metrics; and Veterans Employment (optional).
  • Compare your results  to the group benchmark for each inclusion aspect.
  • Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Track your progress year-over-year, by enrolling annually.
  • Demonstrate that you are taking tangible steps toward meeting Labor Department employment targets for federal contractors.

Excerpt of Scorecard showing inclusion area, with definition, leading practices and group and company benchmarks

Even more, your company will receive information on leading practices, high-level trends and demographic data drawn from all participating companies. View all the 2018 Tracker benchmarks.

Progress is slow: 7% of companies have reached DOL target; Current Workforce: On average companies reported 3.2% representation of employees with a disability

Turn Your Data into a Plan

Put your Disability Employment Tracker™ Scorecard to work. Opt for the Disability Inclusion Accelerator™, and NOD’s disability employment experts will use your company’s results to chart a plan to progress further. Your company will receive extensive benchmarking data, short-, medium- and long-term actions to advance your inclusion initiatives, and a playbook to gain internal buy-in.

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The Disability Employment Tracker was developed by NOD in partnership with The Viscardi Center/NBDC. To learn more:

For more information on the Disability Employment Tracker™ and the Disability Inclusion Accelerator™, contact us at