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    Amber Cecil
    Amber Cecil


    Help NOD Corporate Leadership Council member Northrop Grumman survey accommodations practies. Post your answers in a reply to this discussion!

    1. Does your enterprise have a centralized/harmonized reasonable accommodation process? i.e. Centralized budget?

    1a. If yes, is it an on line case management tool?

    1b. Do you have a dedicated central team to support the process?

    1c. If yes, does it include medical reasonable accommodations as well as ergonomics (including requests not related to a disability per the ADA)?

    2. What was the launch date of centralized process?

    3. How many employees do you have in the U.S.?

    3a. How many employees in total?

    4. How many medical reasonable accommodation requests do you receive annually?

    4a. Average cost of an accommodation?

    4b. Annual expenditures (optional)?

    Thank you for participating!

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