Adair Reese

Jan 29, 2020

Being ADHD has given me a superpower. Adair Reese Youth Market Director, American Heart Association

We sat in a cold, horrible ’80s painted doctor’s office. Being ten, the conversation wasn’t one I was being included in, but more of the audience. “She has ADD”, explained the doctor. Which, for my parents, answered no questions. I’m sure there were more answers, more confusion, and then medication. For the next 28 years of my life, I would struggle with being different, labeled, made fun of, treated unfairly, feeling like I didn’t belong, and at times wondering if “living” was really worth it. As an adult, I was told that ADD/ADHD didn’t exsist. I was depressed, had anxiety, or just needed to “grow-up”.

Being ADHD has given me a superpower. I think outside of the box, work faster than most, especially when I’m passionate about what I do. One of the aspects that I didn’t’ expect…I am unable to have a job I hate?! I am unable to do things halfway and this leads me to only being able to perform well in a job I love.

Who am I now? I am Mrs. Nebraska America, a wife & mother, professional youth market director of AHA, and influencer!

I give kids with ADHD the vision that you will be the leaders of the future and the game changers of tomorrow!

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