Eric Ellet

Oct 1, 2018

Headshot of Eric Ellet
Headshot of Eric Ellet

I was a fully sighted working professional, then life happened. I was on a business trip to Alabama when I thought my laptop screen was going bad. It turned out to be the start of me losing my eyesight. News like that is a major life changer. It took a while for the grief and anger to pass, then more time to retrain and learn to live and work as a person who is blind.

When I first started losing my eyesight I rejected the label of blind. I hid that I was losing my eyesight as much as I could and refused to use a long white cane. I didn’t want to be seen as limited. But once I decided to move forward, I found the right training which in turn equipped me with the skills and confidence to live and work. Through this entire journey, I’ve met amazing people who I likely would never have met had I not lost my eyesight.

I take pride in being someone people can count on to get things done. I’m glad to be a part of a team that values me and knows that I can tackle anything and engage at a human level to see the problem from all sides and solve it. My role is to simplifying complexity. Healthcare can be very complicated. If it needs to be explained, it’s too difficult.

I take pride in being someone people can count on to get things done. Eric Ellet Program Director, Anthem

After two years of being out of the job market, I was able to restart my professional career — first working part-time for two years with a non-profit before joining Anthem in a role very similar to one I had before I lost my eyesight. Life is a continuous journey with many twists that you can’t anticipate. It’s what you choose to do in response that matters. Never give up and be willing to say “yes” to new opportunities.

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