Laura Andert

Jan 29, 2020


I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy. My doctors told my family that I could go through life without ever walking and talking. From countless hours of working with Physical and Speech Therapists, my parents and two big sisters did everything they could to help me start on a hopeful future. As I grew up and began to understand the obstacles and challenges, I may face with having CP, I knew in my heart that if I wanted to live the life I wanted, I had to strive and persevere.

I found out quickly that in the world of work I needed to advocate for myself. After high school, I looked into going to college, but more academics were not something that was feasible, and I decided there was a different path for me to take. I wanted to work at Panera Bread. I did everything I could to let Panera realize how interested and passionate I was by making phone calls, and visits. My excessive efforts payed off. I got the job. Panera Bread hired me for a special position, which they had to get Corporate’s approval for, instead of the original position I applied for. This was my first experience with “job accommodation”.

This is my dream job! I am so proud of where I'm at today in my career path. Laura Andert Operations Assistant, WeCo Accessibility Services

A few years later I started thinking about more of a career. The hospitality department at a fitness center piqued my interest. It took me two years of written and in-person communication to get a job there.

Each job provided me more confidence to pursue a position with increased responsibilities. Presently I am working in a corporate setting, at WeCo Accessibility Services, reaching my full potential. This is my dream job! I am so proud of where I’m at today in my career path. If I didn’t do the things I did and go the extra mile for each position, my life would be a lot different. I have a mild condition of Cerebral Palsy, but it has not stopped me.

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