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  • Qualify for awards and recognition

Watch the video to learn how KeyBank completes the Tracker each year and uses the results to fuel continued success.

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Benchmark Your Company Against 230 Top Participating Companies

The NOD Employment Tracker™ Scorecard ranks organizations in six key disability and veterans’ inclusion focus areas: Strategy, Talent Outcome Metrics, Climate & Culture, Talent Sourcing, People Practices, Workplace Tools & Accessibility. Be eligible for awards if you’re among the top performers!

Don’t miss out! Complete the NOD Disability Employment Tracker to see how your company ranks.

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Free Assessment

Measure your performance online with this valuable tool.

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Review Results

Review and assess your company’s results in the six key areas to identify strengths and opportunities.

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Take Action

Use the Tracker Scorecard to develop plans and priorities for improving employment practice and policy.

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Be Recognized

Qualify for the NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal™, and the DiversityInc Top 50.

The Value of Workforce Inclusion

Completing the NOD Employment Tracker™ Ensures Success!


Take steps toward meeting Department of Labor employment targets for federal contractors. 

Increased Organizational Value

Generate results and promote change that fosters positive consumer perception.

Bolster corporate social responsibility, but also attracts high value investors.

Open the door to the opportunity to learn from other leading organizations in disability inclusion practice and policy.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Track and improve your company’s disability and veterans’ employment performance.

Increase workforce support.

Retain valuable employees.

Attract loyal, dedicated, and exceptionally capable talent.

Data Driven Action

Take a deeper dive into your results with the Disability Inclusion Executive Briefing™.

NOD experts will help you identify 3 categories to focus on for quick wins.

Reap the rewards of inclusion! Participate annually and benchmark your inclusion performance year-over-year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for the 2022 NOD Employment Tracker™?

December 1, 2021: Start the Tracker now! Just complete the online form.

March 18, 2022: Extended deadline to submit your responses and qualify for the NOD Leading Disability Employer Seal. Please note: The deadline to qualify for 2022 DiversityInc Top 50, remains Friday, March 11.

May 2022: Scorecard results shared

September 2022: Seal winners announced

November 2022: Employment Tracker for 2023 opens

How do I sign up my company for the 2022 NOD Employment Tracker™?

Sign up here immediately by clicking the “Take the Tracker Now” button on this page.

Designate a single individual who will serve as the authorized representative for your organization and manage your company’s Tracker assessment.

Usually, a single senior human resources professional completes the entire assessment with data available from conventional HR records, and, if applicable, input from colleagues.

Companies can begin completing the assessment in December 1, 2021, with a deadline to submit all responses by March 11, 2022.

How long does it take to complete the tracker?

In response to our focus group of employers, we designed the Employment Tracker™ to be concise and easy-to-use. The estimated time to complete the company assessment is a couple hours.

Is there a cost to enroll in the Employment Tracker™?

No, there is no cost to sign up for the Employment Tracker™ assessment or to receive your Scorecard report.

Who can enroll in the NOD Employment Tracker™?

For-profit and not-for-profit organizations can enroll in the Employment Tracker™, regardless of size or industry. The Tracker is not appropriate for completion by individuals.

How Can I Learn More About the Tracker Findings?

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NOD is the Only Organization Representing all People with Disabilities

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We envision a world where all people with disabilities enjoy a full opportunity for employment, enterprise, and earnings, and employers know how to make the most of their talents.

Is Your Company Ready to Make a Commitment to Workforce Inclusion?

The NOD Employment Tracker™ is THE place to start.